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Our team of scientists is currently developing a new generation of nano-sensors capable of detecting gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the parts-per-billion in exceptionally low-power, high-density, multi-gas sensor chips. We believe our technology, when fully developed, will enable an entirely new wave of products that will be able to detect, monitor, measure, alert, share, and map toxic airborne gases – creating a new level of awareness for individuals, companies, governments, and communities globally.


Forge a partnership with Nano Engineered Applications, and help us bring future innovative life and health products to markets around the world.

Join our highly skilled team and take part in developing future products, based on our technology, to protect people from harmful particles and diseases.

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Our Company

As an ieCrowd company, Nano Engineered Applications benefits from ieCrowd's commercialization platform including a business infrastructure that enables us to focus on commercialization and product development...

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Nuuma, our core technology platform currently in development, represents a new generation of highly-accurate, high-density, low-power, mobile sensors being designed to address significant life and health market opportunities...

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Nano Engineered Applications benefits from collaborative partners ranging from universities to industry experts - each playing an important role in helping to advance our...